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the beauty, the branches, the binding twine

As I set out to create this ethereal installation, I was inspired by the raw beauty of motherhood. The mess and the majesty of it. I really wanted to capture that in this piece of art.

I began with magnolia tulip branches, leaving wilted blooms in place rather than removing them. With great care, I bound the branches together with twine, working to create a flat shape so there would be ample surface area to tie to. I crafted the installation with an eye for balance and harmony, allowing the branches to twist and turn in all directions, working with their natural bends and veering paths to create a complex tapestry.

To hang the installation, I carefully tied three pieces of twine to the branches, knotting them together into a single string that would dangle gracefully from the ceiling. I then tied fishing line to the branches at various heights, attaching clusters of hanging Amaranthus that danced and swayed like an infant’s mobile.

With an eye for asymmetry and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, I created a cascading effect. I left the knots at the branches loose so that I could make adjustments once it hung in the studio. I carefully arranged the pieces of the installation, intentionally avoiding any sense of uniformity or perfection in their placement. I wanted it to look like something you stumbled upon in a forest, rather than something made to be pretty.

As the mother and her baby gazed up at the installation, I felt a sense of awe and wonder. The mobile-like nature of the installation captivated the little one, filling the scene with a sense of joy and playfulness.

Motherhood, like this installation, is a work of art that embraces the rawness and imperfections of life. Just as we didn't hide the mechanics of the installation, motherhood is not always pretty and perfect. Motherhood is the beauty and the branches. It is the wilting flowers, the binding twine, as well as the delicate blooms. It's a journey that requires patience and resilience. It is the ultimate work of art, a creation that is constantly evolving and growing. Just as we crafted this installation with care and attention to detail, so too do mothers craft their lives with love and devotion. And the beauty of it all is in the imperfection.

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