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teenage boys, the flower wagon, and fireworks

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Scott Carroll and my brother are best friends. I am absolutely certain the following stories have been altered by time, retelling, and just good old exaggeration, but the things those boys got up to...why don't girl friends have that much fun? Well, for one thing, we aren't that stupid.

One time Scott and Tyler convinced a buddy to pee on an electric fence. And guys, he actually did it. Once, they lit a neighbors lawn on fire and got yelled at by the old lady that lived there. Another time they accidentally shot fireworks into someone's garage. Maybe the same time, they took videos as a friend put ACTUAL firecrackers in his ACTUAL bum. I am not even joking, and that one really is not exaggerated because there is film evidence. He must have had to visit the emergency room. I guess you could say Scott and Tyler were the smart ones, as they were never the ones with firecrackers up their butts. They just filmed it.

I, of course, never witnessed these crazy adventures first hand. No, the first time I met Scott was at Tyler's senior art show. It's the kind of event that your family comes to and you get to walk around, showing off your projects. Just as we were finishing up, Scott walked up. It seems like a silly thing, to get emotional about a teenage boy coming to an art show, but I am not lying when I say I could cry thinking about it. I guess it's because while teenage boys are stupid, obnoxious, dirty little beasts, they are also insecure, searching little souls trying to find their place in the world. And to know that you have a friend who cares about your interests and goals and talents, who shows up for you and celebrates your triumphs, that is pretty special. It only made sense that 4 years later, when Scott got married, Tyler got to do the same for Scott as his best man.

Now enough about those two, because heaven knows Scott wasn't the one making flower plans for his wedding. His bride, Natalie, had the most gorgeous vision for her flowers. She wanted boho, textured vases in a variety of colors and shapes. I just couldn't find what we both had in mind, so I DIYed 15 vases using stone spray paint and smashed terracotta. For her flowers, we went with creamy, warm colors with a touch of pink. My favorites were the straw flower and date berries.

I drove the flower wagon to Logan with my sister in law (Tyler's wife) Kayla. I adore her. Luckily, the two of us are pretty cool under pressure because on our way, we decided to stop at Jimmy Johns for some sammies. Through a serious of very unfortunate events, we ended up in the Zaxby's drive through, going the WRONG WAY. Listen, I have a CDL license and can parallel park a 50 foot passenger bus. But when I tell you I cannot back up with the trailer on...I literally do not understand the physics of it. So we were stuck going in while cars were trying to come out. Kayla got out to back me and I am not even kidding, we must have done a 29 point turn. We did make it out alive, we hit no one in the process, and drove the rest of the way without any other disasters. We spent that evening in the flower wagon finishing up arrangements. I love the flower wagon for many reasons, but the fact that I can drive it to an event and make arrangements on site is pretty incredible.

The wedding was at the Old Rock Church in Logan Utah which is the cutest little bed and breakfast with antique touches everywhere (the mirrors are incredible). I mean, the building is antique. It was built in 1869 and is seriously gorgeous. On the wedding day, we did an installation on the arch and had a pretty relaxing set up. The wedding was sweet, Tyler gave a great speech as the best man, and at the end of the night I wrapped up all the centerpieces for guests to take home.

It was a nice, rainy weekend with gorgeous flowers. It was pretty special to see old friends and family there to support Scott and Natalie's new love. Cheers to the bride and groom, may there always be fireworks between you two.

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